A great honour

© Rodja Pavlik

© Rodja Pavlik

I’m a huge fan of the late Scottish singer/songwriter Jackie Leven. It’s not that his music saved my life – but I’m convinced he saved my soul two or three times when I drifted through dark times in my life. And I’m a real fanboy, as nerdy as can be. Like Donald Sutherland screaming at the end of „The Bodysnatchers“ like. So I quoted him here a few times (here and here – one even typewriter-related) – and there will be many quotes more to come. I also try to maintain a „The Jackie Leven Experience“-blog remembering this great musician.

So it was a very big and nice surprise when I got contacted by his sister Wendy via Facebook.

Hi Rodja, this is Jackie’s sister in Scotland. Just wanted to say that seeing your typewritten words has reminded me of when Jackie was in his teens at home in Fife, writing poems on our Dad’s typerwriter, which had exactly the same typeface as yours.

Jackie started off typing out e e cummings‘ poems at home in his early teens and then began writing his own. ….and the rest is history, as they say. Sorry, I don’t remember details of anything he wrote at home (but I’ll try now) and all his songs were written later in life, as far as I know.

Dear Wendy, thank you so much for your words – this really brightened my day.


PS: God, I really do miss this gentle giant.

INFO: http://jackieleven.co.uk/


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