A quick review of online typewriter communities.

Eine deutsche Schreibmaschinen-Community wäre auch recht nett. :-/

The Filthy Platen

I’ll be frank. After writing over 200 posts for this blog, I have to concede that there’s one thing that really keeps me going with this… typewriter… thing… and contrary to popular belief it isn’t a raging red cordial habit. No. I just really like the gas-bagging. I wouldn’t call myself an extravert, but I’m sure as hell not introverted either. So it probably surprises no-one that I like the community spirit that I have found amongst most members of the Typosphere.

And there’s surprisingly a lot of people on and offline to talk to. I send letters all over the world (yes, I realise I’m like… really far behind guys. You WILL get letters soon) and as all walks of life enjoy sitting behind a keyboard, dancing with their fingers on lettered up thingies, there’s often all kinds of interesting stories to be found online and great people to…

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